Suicide Prevention Month

Suicide Prevention Month is recognized every year in September. It is a time to broach the stigmatized subject and create conversations that will change perceptions of suicidal thoughts across the world. Together, we can all take part in suicide prevention by raising awareness and fostering supportive environments for those suffering from suicidal thoughts.

However, we cannot raise awareness for suicide prevention without learning and sharing information about suicide prevention resources. From helplines to therapists, these resources are vital in the fight against suicide.

  • The 988 Lifeline is a suicide and mental health helpline that connects those suffering from a mental health crisis to trained professionals. From there, they can receive the help and resources that are needed. The 988 Lifeline can be by phone or through their website. It is a free and confidential resource available 24/7 and 365 days a year.

       Phone: 988


       Veteran Crisis Lifeline: 988 then press 1

  • Therapists, psychiatrists, and other medical professionals are trained and dedicated to providing care and support for those suffering from mental health conditions. As discussions centered around suicide become more supportive, the stigma of reaching out for help will be lessened for those in need. 
  • Family, friends, and faith leaders can also be a source of support to those experiencing suicidal thoughts. Having open and honest conversations can help alleviate feelings of isolation and loneliness. Knowing there are people who are supportive and encouraging can provide comfort during the healing process. 

Suicidal thoughts can affect anyone at any age. At Embracing Life Wellness Center we encourage those who are experiencing suicidal thoughts to reach out for professional treatment. We are here to provide each patient with respect and compassion on their unique mental health journey.