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Thank you for choosing our office to assist you with your mental well-being. At our office we treat the whole person, not just an illness. We accept and support individuals towards a healthy and happy lifestyle. We are proud of the services we provide for our patients, offering only the best standards of clinical practice. We value your time and respect your individual circumstances. We make every effort to treat each patient with the respect they deserve.

At Embracing Life Wellness Center we offer scientifically established principles of treatment. Our providers regularly attend educational conferences, keeping abreast with any new research and treatment modalities available, so we are best equipped to serve our patients. We promise to keep our wait times low and maintain the highest level of service to the best of our ability, by following strict scheduling guidelines and adhering to ethical standards of care. It is our desire to build trust and patient confidence while striving to see that each patient is treated with equal respect and concern.

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Our highly trained providers accept and support individuals toward a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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Our practice focuses on mental health and wellness, specializing in a variety of psychiatric conditions.

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Pertinent patient forms, policies, links and other resources are available to assist you.

Our Mission

At Embracing Life Wellness Center, our mission is to provide high-quality mental health care to our patients with compassion in a relaxed and aesthetically pleasing environment.  We are honored to be your health care provider and will persistently strive towards excellence, offering only the best in mental health treatment.  Everyone at Embracing Life Wellness Center would like to thank you for entrusting us with your mental health care and for your continued support and confidence. Mental health and, most all encompassing, wellness is a serious need and a valuable service to mankind - we will practice it with the passion it deserves.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy is now available at Embracing Life Wellness Center in Riverview, Florida. Dr. Fickey and her staff are excited to offer this profoundly effective treatment to the community and their patients.

TMS makes long-term remission possible for patients living with depression. Over 1.5 million treatments have been safely performed by the Neurostar® TMS device and clinical studies show that many patients experience significant benefits. It’s easy to tolerate and has patented precision technology to ensure you receive the right dose to the right location, every time.

Contact our office at 813-662-5919 to schedule a consultation.

Beat Depression through TMS Therapy at Embracing Life Wellness Center!

Treatment Options for Depression

Studies show that one-third of adults who trial medications for their depression and anxiety will not respond well to them and will experience significant side effects .
Neurostar TMS is a safe, non-drug treatment option with no side effects covered by insurances including Tricare, that can treat the debilitating symptoms associated with depression and anxiety.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

1 out of every 5 individuals in the U.S. will suffer with depression in their lifetime.

Dr. Fickey discusses some common symptoms and signs to look out for that can help you or a loved one determine if depression may be present.

If you or a loved one needs help, please call us at 813-662-5919. You aren’t alone, we are here for you!

National Depression Screening Day.

Get started today by completing our online patient health questionnaire. Then give us a call at 813-662-5919 and we can provide screening over the phone.

Embracing Life Wellness Center focuses on helping our patients achieve remission from depression through compassionate care and treatment.

Why we chose NeuroStar TMS for our practice and our patients.

Our aim is to relieve patients of their depressive symptoms. Dr. Fickey wanted to offer a non-drug treatment option, and after hearing all of the benefits and positive outcomes of NeuroStar TMS, it made sense to add TMS to our practice. 

We have seen great results thus far with NeuroStar TMS treatment, and look forward to continuing to offer this effective, non-drug alternative to treating depression for our patients.

Want to know if TMS right for you? Give us a call for an initial consultation at 813-662-5919 or email us at Emlife@embracinglifetoday.com.

Quality Care You Can Trust

This place is an absolute game changer. I adore Stephanie and Dr. Fickey, and know that my mental wellbeing is safe in their hands!
Samantha Whitaker
June 15, 2022.
I did Tms treatment here and it was an amazing experience! the ladies who did the treatment were so kind and Stephanie Frank is a great psychiatrist! -J
Terrible Frisbee
May 26, 2022.
I know that reviews can be taken with a grain of salt, however, after experiencing very awful treatment and neglect by several providers, I was very hesitant. Stephanie was extremely thorough in her assessment and the questionnaires that were provided. I felt heard and Dr. Fickey further confirmed the treatment and provided her insights. I was gradually started on a low dose medication and increased over the course of 5 weeks. It made a HUGE difference and while I still have a journey ahead, it's changed my life in many ways. If you have any doubts, I would almost urge you to try one more opinion and consult with this office and amazing team of doctors.
Bianca Alfaro
May 11, 2022.
I’ve been seen here for a year, Stephanie Frank is amazing. She makes me feel like I’m talking to a best friend. It’s not super serious. But she gets all my information and does her thing. She’s sweet and understanding. I can’t express how much she’s helped me for this year. Thank you thank you thank you Stephanie. You’re amazing, through and through.
Julia Williams
May 4, 2022.
Embracing Life Wellness Center has been a true blessing in my life... Stephanie Frank has been in my corner pushing for my success during my most difficult times. She has genuinely been in my corner since the very first day we started working together on my treatment plan. She saved me and has been a light in the darkness. She offers hope, educates her clients, and provides a level of comfort I have never had before with other providers. You will quickly build trust with her and in her recommendations. I am confident in her care. Even after relocating to a new city, I continue to be a loyal client due to her wonderful care and meet with her virtually. She makes treatment easy. The office staff is friendly and scheduling appointments is never an issue. Having accessibility to your providers medical assistant also help communicating your needs in between appointments. If you are struggling and need help, please don't give up on yourself. I have had negative experiences with other providers and after reaching out to Embracing Life Wellness Center, my life changed. Mental Health Matters.
Tiffani De Sa
April 5, 2022.
Life changing guidance from Dr. Stephanie Frank (works with Dr. Fickey) at Embracing Life Wellness Center. My only regret is not reaching out to her years ago - I just didn't know life could be so peaceful for me! Thank you!
Sophia Noel
March 24, 2022.
Stephanie Frank, ARNP is the MOST caring person. She provides individualized help; spends the time to talk with you and help you. My mental health has significantly improved. I strongly encourage anyone that reads this that needs help to reach out to them.
Yesika Alfonso
March 22, 2022.
I just finished my 36 treatments of TMS! Had a setback mid-way through and my Embracing Life Wellness provider, Dr. Melissa Fickey, and my TMS tech, Lauren Ashley, recommended I go into the hospital to stabilize. They (both are amazing) were proactive and maintained contact with my family during that time. Per recommendations from my regular psychiatrist and psychiatrists in the hospital, I continued TMS. Now, at this point in my recovery, I do feel a difference in my quality of life. I tried ECT a few times, but it was very invasive and the results never lasted long. Besides getting used to the pulses from TMS originally, I never had any side effects or pain. My TMS experience was very pleasant and positive. Everyone at Embracing Life was extremely friendly and always accommodating to my schedule. I feel really/truly cared about and supported!
Jessica Berger
February 26, 2022.
I would really give it more like 10 out of 5 stars because this office had been so good to me. Sadly I am having to leave this office due to changes in my insurance but if I ever have changes again, EmbracingLife would be the first place I would turn to. Everyone from the office I spoke with was wonderful and friendly right down to the receptionists. Shout out to Stephanie! Thank you SO much for everything you did for me and for always being there for me and going the extra mile. Natalie was awesome! She was great and helped me figure out a plan financially to be able to start on some other therapeutic treatments. Love this office!!!
Marissa Mendez
February 23, 2022.

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