5 Reasons To Speak With A Therapist

Many people can benefit from speaking with a mental health counselor or therapist.  Not only can therapy provide a stress and judgement-free space for expression, it can also help with identification and treatment of any mental health issues.  If you’ve been considering finding a therapist, here are 5 reasons you should reach out today:

1. To Better Yourself

Speaking with a licensed mental health professional can help you not only to work through your own feelings, but can also help you understand how your emotions and actions may be perceived by others.  This insight can help you be more aware of your impact on others and how you can adjust your behavior to improve your relationships with others.  Counseling and therapy can help you become the best version of yourself in your own eyes, and in the eyes of those around you.

2. To Work Through Anxious Or Intrusive Thoughts

Everyone experiences fears or anxiety occasionally, but when those thoughts affect your everyday life in a negative way, therapy can help you understand the root cause of your feelings and teach coping skills to manage your emotions and thoughts.  Talking through past experiences or trauma with a licensed therapist in a safe, judgement-free space can be hugely beneficial for finding new ways to think about your fears or anxieties, which in turn can allow you to find new techniques for managing them day-to-day.

3. To Improve Your Overall Health and Well-Being

The World Health Organization defines “health” as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Mental health is a large component of overall well-being, and is closely interrelated with physical health. Psychological issues can even put you at risk for some chronic physical conditions.  Speaking with a licensed therapist is an important first step in helping to manage or prevent serious mental health issues, which can in turn help you stay well mentally and physically.

4. To Develop Strategies for Regulating Your Emotions

It is normal and healthy to experience sadness, anxiety and anger on occasion.  However, it is important to be aware of how often and intensely you experience these feelings.  Therapy can help you become mindful of your emotions, and teach you to identify and diffuse them before they get too intense or overwhelming to control.  A licensed mental health professional can also help identify and diagnose any underlying issues if you’re experiencing strong or overpowering emotions.

5. To Strengthen Your Personal Relationships

Anxiety, stress, depression and other mental health issues can put strain on new or existing relationships in your life.  It can be challenging to connect and cooperate with others at work, school or in your personal life if you are struggling with psychological or emotional issues.  A skilled therapist can help you find ways to express your feelings and connect with others in a meaningful way, while respecting your own boundaries and the emotions of others.

There are many benefits of mental health counseling for people of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life.  Whether you’re struggling with a known mental health concern, or you just need a safe space to express yourself without judgement, speaking with a therapist can be a rewarding and helpful experience. 

At Embracing Life Wellness Center, we offer counseling and treatment for a variety of psychiatric conditions, and treat individuals of all ages. Combined with our traditional treatment options and counseling services, we also offer NeuroStar TMS, a drug-free depression treatment with a high remission rate.  If you or a loved one needs help, please call us at 813-662-5919 or contact us today.