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Dr. Melissa Fickey

Perceptive and Compassionate

“Dr. Fickey is an excellent psychiatrist. She is highly skilled, knowledgeable, perceptive, compassionate, and extremely well organized. I’ve been a patient of hers for 10 years and counting. She has helped me through many difficult episodes. Her staff is professional, efficient, responsive, and friendly. The office is conveniently located, comfortable, spacious, and tastefully appointed.”

Beyond Happy

"I am beyond happy that I walked into the doors of Embracing Life Wellness Center. I have struggled with depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember and finally had the courage to do something about it so I made an appointment and am so thankful that I did. The staff, especially Stephanie Frank, is amazing. They have changed my life for the better."

Love, love, love Dr. Fickey!

“Love, love, love Dr. Fickey. Have been taking my son to her for over a year now and he has never been better. She listens to our concerns and is genuinely concerned for our son.”

I couldn't say more good things about this place!

“I put off therapy for a long time because I dreaded the “dating game”. Finding a good therapist that you feel completely comfortable with is so crucial, yet so hard. Sarah Cash has been the biggest blessing in my life. Her presence is calming and comforting. She listens, is honest, breaks down your “issues” and tackles each individually, she truly takes the time to know you and help you as an individual. The environment there is absolutely gorgeous, the staff is wonderful, and I couldn’t say more good things about this place.”

Outstanding Diagnostician Who Truly Listens

"I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Fickey and her staff.  The environment is beautiful, comfortable, and professional.  The staff keep a confidential and professional demeanor, while dressing spectacularly!  Most importantly, Dr. Fickey is an outstanding diagnostician and completely understands her patients.  After 8 years under another doctor’s care and never quite receiving the appropriate diagnoses, Dr. Fickey was able to listen to, understand, and finally correctly diagnose my daughter’s overlapping, complicated constellation of symptoms.  She continues to listen to her, truly “hear” her, and continues to adjust her medications to help my daughter to be healthy and happy.  I have recommended this practice to several friends and each has had a wonderful experience, receiving the help, compassion, and expertise they needed."

Very Pleased with the Care

I have been going to embracing life wellness center for awhile now.The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. They send reminders of your appointment is a great HELP if you’re like most of us will forget your appointment.The doctors and nurses are very easy to talk to they make you feel comfortable. I’m new to Florida and was afraid of who I would getting, being down at Ground Zero during the terrorist attack on world trade center as EMT for the fire department of New York. I am very pleased with the care I get There . I would highly recommend them, there is no shame in needing help. D.D. ????to????

Professional yet Personable

The entire staff is great, very professional yet personable. Dr. Fickey is great at listening to my teen's concerns as well as listening to parental input. She has such positive feedback and great recommendations for mental health. So grateful we found her!

Friendly and Extremely Intelligent

"I have seen other psychiatrists the past twenty five years, but Dr. Fickey is the best. She took the time to listen to my problems and has figured out how to manage my symptoms and issues with medication. I am doing great under her care, the best I have been in my adult life. Thank you Dr. Fickey, you made a huge difference in my life and I am very grateful. I highly recommend her - if you have yet to find someone who can truly help you, give Dr. Fickey a shot at helping you. She is warm, friendly and extremely intelligent."

Prompt, Caring and Knowledgeable

"I found Dr. Fickey to be very prompt, caring and knowledgeable. I am a current patient and am fully satisfied."

Very Tender and Understanding

"She did an excellent job in diagnosing what was going on with our son when he was having OCD like symptoms out of no- where at 12 years of age after being exposed to the strep virus. She took a good amount of time to really assess what was going on with him and was very tender and understanding with him which made him feel comfortable to tell her what was really going on... She was a Godsend and the turning point in his recovery! Thanks Dr. Fickey! We can't thank you enough that we have our boy back!"

Very Impressed

"I have seen Dr. Fickey three times....twice I waited five minutes, once it was maybe seven minutes. She is very prompt, friendly and professional. I am very impressed with her ability to diagnose my problem.

I am extremely pleased that I found Dr. Fickey - I highly recommend her!"


Dr. Fickey is the Best

"I can not thank Dr. Fickey enough for all her help and understanding. She looks out for my best interest in every way from cost of prescriptions to the way she listens. Very good Dr.”

Attentive and Dedicated

"I had a good experience! Dr. Fickey and NP Cash were so attentive and dedicated when treating me. I've had issues with other practices in the past where I felt like my personal needs were ignored in favor of a "more effective" medicine that left me feeling like a zombie all the time (or sometimes worse; so hyperactive that I didn't sleep for a week). At this practice I feel respected, and I've never felt better about my treatment."

A Normal Life

"After 40 years of dealing with an undiagnosed issue. I am finally living a normal life. Thank you thank you thank you!"

She is the BEST!

"Listens..To the POINT!"

Five Stars

"I would highly recommend Dr. Fickey! She was very caring and helpful with diagnosing our son. She is a very rare find for a doctor!"


Dr. Fickey is Excellent

"Dr. Fickey is excellent. I have been to other psychiatrists, but she is the best. She listens, she cares, she is extremely knowledgeable about your condition and which drugs are best to help you, and she is to the point. In over a dozen visits the most I have waited is five minutes.

She is terrific - highly professional, and while it has nothing to do with her medical qualifications, she is gorgeous. Dr. Fickey has helped me more than anyone else has in twenty years. I am grateful I found her."

Cheerful Staff

"I have been going to see Sarah Cash there for about 6 months now. She has been very patient with me and helping me to understand what is going on with me and adjusting my meds as needed. She even remembers to ask about my puppy ever time I come in.   The staff always seem to be cheerful when I am there. I would recommend them to anyone."

Someone that Understands Me

"Excellent Doctor! I have finally found someone that understands me"

Most Incredible Medical Professional

"I see Sarah Cash, ARNP she is the most incredible Medical Professionals I have met. She is truly concerned about her patients. She makes you feel like you are the most important person she sees. I am so thankful for finding her!!! Many blessings to her always."

Truly an Excellent Doctor

"I have been taking my daughter to see Dr. Fickey for the past three years and she has truly been an excellent doctor. My daughter, myself, and my husband, who is now also a patient have been treated with the best of care from day one.The only issue we have ever had was during the move to her new office. Unaware of the move we had a hard time getting through to the office. Dr. Fickey called us personally to apologize and explain they had a new office, new phones, and new staff."

Helped in Many Different Ways

"Dr. Fickey has helped me in many different ways. Her insight as to when I'm telling her what I think she wants to hear and really telling the truth. She is easy to talk with and I am really glad she was recommended by my primary physician."

Wonderful Healthcare Provider

"I cannot say enough about the awesome help and attention Sarah Cash has done for me. Her knowledge, application, and general care and concern is wonderful. She knows who your are and will give great information to make improvements to your situation. If she doesn't know, she know where to send you. Just a wonderful healthcare provider.”

Accurate Diagnosis and Well Maintained Treatment Plan

"I was previously diagnosed in 2006 for a single issue and over time I have gained enough knowledge to accurately describe my symptoms and have improved the ability to convey them. I saw Dr. Fickey in person for my first appointment and she was able to accurately diagnose me, after a battery of well-defined questions, for a disorder I didn’t know I had. I was prescribed a treatment plan and that plan has worked out well. After my initial appointment I have only seen Nurse Cash, even so I haven’t had any issues with the care given by her. She has always been friendly and compassionate. If I ever had a question that she could not answer (once) she immediately asked Dr. Fickey via her computer and was given a direct response, even if she just needed to alter my medication. Nurse Cash and I have worked together to implement successful changes in my medication and treatment plan over the course of time I’ve been seeing her. I have never had any issues openly communicating my problems with medication or treatment, and we have worked together to come up with successful management of my issues over the course of a year. So far I consider the treatment plan well maintained and has been effective at improving my quality of life along with self-help and research on my part.

Far Exceeded Expectations

"Far exceeded all my expectations! Wonderful staff”