Important Message to All

Important Message to All

At Embracing Life Wellness Center, our first priority is the safety of our staff and patients. During this national emergency due to the coronavirus, we will continue to be readily available for our patients. Out of an abundance of caution and in light of efforts to contain the virus, our staff is working remotely and we are seeing patients via telemedicine visits (video/phone appointments). We are still accepting new patients at this time! We can be reached at 813-662-5919 or through our contact page. We hope that everyone is staying safe through these hardships and our hearts go out to those that have been affected.

We continue to offer TMS therapy as it is an important treatment option for those suffering from depression. More than 2.5 million treatments have been successfully administered to patients and have alleviated the debilitating symptoms associated with depression. TMS therapy is not considered elective but rather a scheduled medical procedure. Taking care of your mental health during these difficult times is crucial and we are here for you!

In accordance with CDC guidelines and recommendations, we are using personal protective devices including masks and gloves during treatments as well as offering protective masks to our patients. We continue to follow appropriate cleaning and disinfecting practices throughout our facility, and we are maintaining social distance when and where possible. Staff members that are able to perform their duties remotely are working from home. Initial consultations with our coordinator can be initiated via phone or teleconference. We are screening patients daily to assess their current physical health prior to their arrival onsite. Our aim continues to be providing our patients with a warm and caring environment in a safe and practical manner.

We will get through this together!

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  1. I am interested in trying the medication that Tiffany and I spoke about previously, for my anxiety. I have to try the medication in order for my insurance to cover TNS therapy. I don’t have record of the medication name, but it should be in my chart. Tiffany was going to give me samples to try. Please let me know when the medication is ready to be picked up.

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