Facts About Mental Health Disorders

Mental health disorders affect millions of people throughout the world. Modern medicine and research has provided valuable knowledge for treatments and preventions. Even with this progress, there is still much for all of us to learn.

Mental health disorders are characterized as significant disturbances in behavior, emotional regulation, or cognition. An individual’s physical environment, social environment, and genetics play a role in their mental disorder risk.

Here are some basic facts about mental disorders:

  • There is no singular cause of mental disorders.
  • In the world, about 1 in every 8 people live and deal with a mental disorder.
  • Effective options exist for prevention and treatment.
  • Even with modern medicine, stigmas still exist when it comes to mental disorders.
  • There are many different types of mental disorders.
  • The most vulnerable age group for mental disorders are teenagers.
  • Most people with mental disorders don’t have access to effective care.

For such commonly occurring health conditions, there are still stigmas attached to mental disorders. However, there have been great strides for ending these stigmas worldwide. Throughout the year, different months and days are dedicated to certain mental disorders to raise awareness and provide information.

To help end stigmas for mental disorders on a personal level, incorporate some of these simple practices in your life:

  • Have open conversations about mental health
  • Show compassion
  • Take opportunities to educate yourself and others
  • Be mindful of the language you use concerning mental health
  • Be supportive of recoveries and struggles

Let's work together to bring a better understanding to mental disorders and end the stigmas surrounding them.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a mental disorder, know that professional help, treatment, and empathy can be found at Embracing Life Wellness Center. Contact us today for a consultation and begin your mental wellness journey.